Odyssey VR Full Release

Hello fellow gamers and VR enthusiasts!

We’re really happy to announce that the full version of our game Odyssey VR, The Deep Space Expedition has been released on Steam today. Odyssey VR, an indie game, is a story driven space adventure and audiovisual single/multiplayer experience that you can play on Desktop or in VR. The objective is to find a planet that can support life, but in order to find it there the players have to protect the spaceship (Odyssey) from asteroid storms and engine failures. The ship showcases elements from Earth, such as a collection of plants that are being kept alive in the ship’s greenhouse for potential further use on another planet, and art in the art gallery. You’re in for a thrilling ride on Odyssey. 

You’ll find our game on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/738600/Odyssey_VR__The_Deep_Space_Expedition/?fbclid=IwAR3Q_f8YuXSUk_fakBGogXA_I_lnZsmrnwpC-VR5max0NOP40doG8IJhUwE 

We also published a complimentary DLC soundtrack featuring the music in the game, so check that out as well if you like!

We’re always open to hearing feedback from our players, and Steam reviews are very welcome, since we’re continuously working on improving the game. 

Hope you enjoy it!

The Odyssey VR team

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